H eartwarming rescues and heroic discoveries of companionships between dogs & their forever families are captured in stunning photographic detail.

Hi… I am Liz! Welcome to my website. Here you will find photos, stories and art capturing the moments and heroics of one of the most beautiful animals on earth- DOGS!

I feature rescues who have had their lives completely changed by loving individuals who decided to give them a chance. Become part of the community where life is so much better with dogs: big ones, small ones, any ones – they all need love!

The site is always changing so come back often to enjoy new photos, fascinating content, amazing rescue stories and once in a while, a precious dog looking for a forever home.  Every shape, color, size and breed is the canvas that turns my photography into art. The photos and stories will make you feel every emotion – from smiles to tears and everything in between.

My work is inspired by the hope that every dog will one day live a happy, healthy life in a loving, forever home.

Enjoy my site and be sure to check out my new book  Miracle Dogs coming….October 7, 2014!