Miracle Dogs Rescue Stories

Miracle Dogs celebrates and honors rescuers and the dogs whose lives they’ve saved. It features wonderful stories and uplifting photographs of dog rescuers, and organizations such as Hope for Paws, Wings of Rescue and The Gentle Barn, along with celebrity pet owners such as Chevy Chase, Hoda Kotb, Lance Bass, Amanda Hearst and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Readers will be moved by dogs like Wyatt, an assistance dog who helped a young boy with autism communicate with the outside world; Fiona, who was found blind and starving and is now in a loving family; and Kody, a brave rescued dog who risked everything to save his owner from a deadly rattlesnake attack.

Miracle Dogs is a loving and poignant tribute to our furriest family members!

“My New BFF” Hoda Kotb with Blake

“Princess Fiona” Michele Gentry with Fiona

“What Money Can’t Buy” Lance Bass with Lily

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After finishing Miracle Dogs, I’m still struggling to decide who was rescued by whom. Through masterfully warm photography that accompanies each perfectly pitched rescue story, Liz Stavrinides superbly conveys the dichotomy of the world of canine rescue — is it the dog or the human custodian who ends up on the rescued end of the leash?  Steven Wolf, author of Comet’s Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life

Miracle Dogs is an uplifting, inspirational collection that will make you want to rescue a dog (or 40). If you have never experienced the undying gratitude and unconditional love of a shelter dog for his new family, take one look at these photos and read these stories. The wagging tails, goofy smiles and furry hugs say it all.  David Rosenfelt, author of Dogtripping

There has probably been as much written about dogs as any subject on earth, and yet no book has managed to really capture it, until Miracle Dogs. Dogs are beyond words. It’s more than the loyalty, unquestioned love, companionship, devotion, innocence, purity of spirit, and boundless joy when you come through the door. It’s more than making you feel special when you don’t, or curling up next to you when you need to be curled up next to. Miracle Dogs perfectly encapsulates what dogs mean to us, and how we connect to them.  Bill Persky, five-time-Emmy-award-winning writer and director

“Each touching vignette captures and radiates the simple, profound and enduring joy of sharing our lives with dogs.”  — Nick Trout, bestselling author of Tell Me Where It Hurts and Dog Gone, Back Soon